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Shades of Gray; Rated H; 420
#dopecouture stars n stripes snapback
#hoodbyair rated H tank
#hm sweatshorts
#nike lunar flyknit
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Lanyard game crazy #veryrare

Oh my God. It all makes so much sense now...


This is Team Rocket:

They are a supposedly evil crime organization founded by this guy named Giovanni:

But what are their real motivations? To steal Pokemon, right? Wrong! That’s what these guys do in the anime:

In the games, they don’t steal Pokemon. They run a reputable casino….

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Ion trust these niggas they be tellin on me! Ion trust these b**ches, they be plottin on me! Everybody aint ya friend ya gotta watch homie…
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Beastiagram for tomorrow #outfitgrid @outfitgrid #wishihadapcorsaintlaurentdenim #ifanybodyasksitsagivenchyhat #fuckyolameretrosyouaintasneakerhead #saybapeisdeadidareyou #removejacketbeforeflight
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